Monday, 1 August 2011

The weekly

Last week I half-heartedly started a meme on insta.gram called #weekinthelife. Even as someone who documents a lot of things, either visually with my phone or "verbally" on twitter, I really wasn't very successful at it. I will try again this week and see if my efforts are more numerous/interesting.

That said, I did do some fun stuff last week. I started a pole fitness course on Tuesdays and learnt the basics of three lift/spins. Pole fitness is bloody hard work and also resulted in me becoming the *proud* owner of a rather unflattering pair of black lycra shorts. Nothing sexy about these babies. It's all about leaving enough leg to grip the pole but enough lycra to rotate round the pole with... I followed the pole course with pilates on Wednesday, which I tried once or twice when I was younger and didn't get it. But now older, less toned and far more stressed, pilates seems to be the perfect third bedfellow of my exercise triumvirate.

Photos - iphone snaps by me

1. wine which husband brought back from France, drunk together over supper
2. watching the sunset over the Bristol channel from the perfect vantage point also known as the village hall carpark
3. moroccan evening at the local health food shop.
4. stripes over stripes for a hot evening
5. getting ready to go out (girl in cafe "wow, you look really different when you go out and have no glasses on. you look really nice". note to self - try getting up earlier and making more of an effort)
6. watching/listening to a friend DJ in a bar whilst drinking mojitos.


Lauren said...

I think these photos are really nice. I also think I need to learn how to use instagram better. At the moment it is a mystery to me.

kacey said...

What the heck is pole fitness? Love the stripes and it looks like a lovely week.

Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

Kacey - pole fitness is pole 'dancing' without the stripping and raunchiness. A workout which is a bit more fun that just doing weights and chin ups because you are trying to spin round the pole as well.