Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Designer Wedding Show (again)

Designer Wedding Show - Reasons for Being Disappointed:-

  1. The people manning the stands were, by and large, rude. With one or two exceptions they seemed uninterested and unhelpful. I wanted to ask questions about orders of service covers, but once the stationery people heard that was all I was after, they couldn't care less. Price lists were presented and backs were turned.
  2. Cost - I know it was the designer show but that still doesn't mean I want to spend £600 on a net tulle veil. Not even silk tulle, net.
  3. I was offered a teeth whitening brochure.
  4. The one stand I found where I seriously liked her headpieces and veils and was stood there wearing said headpiece and veil, and she wouldn't let me take a photo to remind myself what I looked like. The headpiece cost almost £300 and yet she refused to let me have an image of myself in it. An image which I would have uploaded to my computer and gazed at, because it was so beautiful, and possibly convinced myself that the money was worth it. Now all I can think about is how she wouldn't let me take the photo. (Nor did she send me an e-mailed image which is what she promised she would do instead).
  5. Realising how self obsessed some brides are, and some women too. M overheard one girl saying to another "well, you've got everything sorted now, all you need is a boyfriend".
  6. Realising how brides-to-be can be made to feel so inadequate if they don't have every last whatever for the wedding. Really, who needs cards printed up with the names of your bridesmaids-to-be, to ask them if they will be your bridesmaid?

Designer Wedding Show - Reasons for Being Pleased:-

  1. Walking around the show, we realised how much of the planning we have already done and how happy we are with the way we are doing things. Sure, the Amanda Wakeley lady might have made a face like I was a bad smell when I said that I bought my own Amanda Wakeley gown from Oxfam, but I am pleased with where I purchased it. Sure, the invitations lady looked at me horrified when I said we were handwriting our invitations, but we are pleased with our choice. And yes, the florist might have snapped at me that making my own bouquet was bad luck (but I think she was more annoyed that she told me all about New Covent Garden Flower Market and how cheap the flowers were, and how easy it was to make a simple bouquet of roses and was then forced to admit she charged £75 for her own, whereon she asked who was doing my flowers, I said I was, she realised her tactical errors and thought rudeness was the way out of the situation).
  2. Knowing that we are pleased with our choice of photographer.
  3. The afternoon tea we ate together was very tasty.
  4. Not having paid for the tickets - they were free due to an offer in the Telegraph.


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Anonymous said...

That post made me chuckle. Sounds like you beat some of those hoity-toity designer bitches at their own game! Particularly the dress and flower ladies...