Monday, 6 October 2008

I've Been Pseudo Tagged... Peonies, who extended the tagging to anyone that cared to join in.

Today I have:-

1. Gone to work and done lots of it;

2. Worn new shoes;

3. Gone to a powerplating class; and

4. Bought and watched Sex and the City the film.

To do:-

1. Sort out meeting with vendor of Whatevertheyares - she is now not answering the telephone either;

2. Backlog of laundry, some of which is left over from the sailing holiday. Was forced to put the heating on yesterday evening to get things dry - some clothes were still damp despite being washed at the start of last week. It's not good for the clothes, the house or my sanity...;

3. Thank you letters to friends and family for the engagement presents we received at the weekend;

4. Write a new to-do list, one that doesn't make me feel like I am about to explode.

Guilty Pleasures:-

1. Reading Vogue or Tatler stood up in the kitchen with a cup of tea;

2. Designer shoes from e-bay (top quality shoes at Topshop prices);

3. Sex and the City;

4. Facebooking stalking other peoples weddings (usually at lunchtime).

Random Facts:-

1. I am finding it hard not to wear my wedding shoes - I have had to hide them;

2. I would rather go barefoot than wear odd socks;

3. If I am early it is a surprise to everyone including myself;

4. My favourite drink is a cup of tea. Unless champagne is on offer.

I tag:-

1. CeeCee

2. Posies and Pearls

3. Red Frame

4. Baby, picture this

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redframe said...

Aw, thanks for the tag. I was just thinking today, I'd like to be tagged sometime! Will post soon... Some details may not be revealed just yet. x