Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Save the Date

image by me
So, with 8 months left until the wedding we have sent our save the date e-mails (see above, without the blue crosses, obviously) and have attended our formal, family, engagement party. It went really well and all sides of the family present got on very well, which was somewhat of a relief.

8 months is a long time, but what a lot there is left to do. Aside from booking a venue and photographer we have yet to physically book a marquee, caterers (although we have decided who), crockery, tables and so on, transport, bridesmaid dresses, groom's attire, honeymoon, wedding night accommodation... the list is endless and I must stop now before I descend into panic.

Actually, the thing that is panicking me most at the moment is my hen party. I have two sisters and one sister-in-law-to-be. All three are my bridesmaids. One is in Australia, one is in her final year of university, one is a full time fashion designer. All are very busy. Having researched some places I know we need to book asap as many places are already booked for April and May next year. We had an idea. That idea will not work - wrong time for one, too expensive for some, my teaching friends can only come for 2 nights - so it is back to the drawing board. I am starting to wonder if I even want a hen party.

The stag party, of course, is hugely popular, everyone said yes to the proposed date and it is well under way to being organised. This makes me more stressed than ever.



lizzy said...

I'm pleased you're at a similar organising stage to me...given that you're getting married on the same day!

We've been together for six years and our parents haven't met yet...so obviously i'm freaking out about that. Glad to hear your meet went well! It gives me hope.

I've abandoned the idea of going away for a weekend for my hen do and am hoping to do something fun in London. I really don't think it'll work out any cheaper than going away though hopefully will be less stressful to organise. It's really difficult to know what to do isn't it!

Found you some floaty BM dresses in LK Bennett in a peacock shade of green, sadly they're quite pricey. Have you considered two birds bridesmaid in the states?

Rachel said...

Hi Lizzy, wow, someone who's story matches mine - but I can't view your profile or your blog...

It's so hard with the hen do as one needs to please so many people. I really want to do something which is different from a normal weekend in London, so I am hoping to go away, but where and when, I have no idea.

I shall have a look at the LK Bennett dresses - what is the website address for two birds bridesmaids?

Lizzy said...

OK so i've updated my profile and when I find something interesting to say I might start a blog...although I think my other half is already concerned by the amount of wedding thinking I do.

Two birds is here http://www.twobirdsbridesmaid.com/ but they're in the states and quite pricey - there's a rip off shop called LA Sugar on Carnaby Street but I thought they were too pricey and slightly poor quality.

Rachel said...

Thanks Lizzy, the dresses do look great but I am not sure about ordering non-returnable dresses from the US without being able to see them 'in person'. Maybe I will pop into the Carnaby St shop one evening and have a look at the rip off versions!

Glad you updated your profile, looks like we have some similiar tastes in novels. I do hope that one day you start writing something on your blog as I love reading about other people's plans. Perhaps the blog is the place to note things away from the other half! I certainly use mine to obsess about small details which I know M would be uninterested in hearing!

Guilty Secret said...

I went back and forth and caused myself untold (and undue!) stress over the hen do. In the end I decided on a simple night out - pub then club. Now it is tomorrow and I am rather excited!

Anyway, you have plenty of time, take it easy and remember it's supposed to be fun!

Rachel said...

I hope that you have a great time Guilty! Pub then club does sound like good fun.

I just have a few friends who that won't work for, so we are doing something longer but more low-key, if you see what I mean.

I am stopping worrying about it though, there is more to life than hen parties.