Wednesday, 15 October 2008

For the Groom - Tie

Images by Toybreaker via Etsy

I have written about what I am going to wear, but what about the groom? Well, he would like to keep his outfit somewhat of a secret (although, if he wants it to be a proper secret he should not be using my e-bay account to watch things!) but I am putting my foot down. His shoes, socks, suit and so on can be a surprise for the day, but I need to know the colour and I need to know what tie he is wearing. (He needs to match the bridesmaids, although that is another story altogether).

Last week I bought him a dark green silk tie from e-bay. It is by Liberty and has a jacquard print of peacock feathers. It is beautiful and cost the grand sum of £2.45. I would love him to wear it but for that to happen we need to find two more matching ones (or the same but different colours) for BestMan and HeadUsher. I will be doing my best, but then I found the silk screen printed ties on Etsy...

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