Friday, 3 July 2009

A dress for a wedding reception

Next Friday, at the ungodly hour of 6am, M and I head to our first married wedding. In Germany. With only hand luggage. For a reception on the Friday evening, a formal day ceremony on the Saturday early afternoon followed by a formal evening dinner and ball.

And what to wear?

Well, a dress, hat and jacket for the Saturday day time. But for a ball where I needed to eat? That wasn't so easy. My university ball dresses just aren't suitable: one is too dated (and too hot for July) and the other is too stained. Grass, ketchup, cigarette marks, alcohol. My university life can be remembered through the hem of that dress. The dress I wore to M's brother's wedding, bespoke couture. Too hot and too tight for eating and dancing in the summer. I was going to borrow something but suddenly the wedding is next week and I have been awfully busy with other things.

And then, a friend who owns a vintage shop needed some part time help. Starting now. Or rather, starting today. And I picked up this 1930s turquoise dress which I think should be just right. And somewhat of a bargain at £35.00.

vintage dress 1930s

{image by me}


KLS said...

Love the dress!
Very pretty.

anna and the ring said...

What a fabulous colour. Please do let us know the name of the shop!

Rachel said...


@Anna - the shop is called Shikasuki.

anna and the ring said...

Damn you have the best friends!

un-bride said...


Marie said...

Will suit you so well! Good buy. How very exciting!

Modelmental said...

That's a gorgeous dress, will be stunning on you! When we were in London last month we stayed with friends in Primrose Hill... My fave bit of London.
A practical question, what do you do regarding toiletries/make-up and the ban on liquids if you only take hand luggage? It's the bane of my travel-life!
And I'm loving your wedding recaps by the way!