Monday, 6 July 2009

On cupcakes and invitations

Wedding recaps to continue shortly, if anyone is interested. Meanwhile, tomorrow is my first day helping out at the vintage shop in Primrose Hill and I hope that I manage to make some sales.

I picked up the keys today and whilst sheltering from the rain in the Primrose Bakery {any opportunity for a sneaky cupcake} I discovered these invitations.

I tried to think of an occasion for which to use them, but realised I had better send our thank you cards before I start on any more invitations...

{Image via The Pod Company}


Indian Summers said...

Love those invites- I have such a soft spot for the very hungry caterpillar.

Hope that work went okay - sounds like it was probably great fun.

And yes, bring on the rest of the wedding recaps!! x

anna and the ring said...

Oh how I love the caterpillar!

Of course we want to hear more!