Sunday, 19 July 2009

these leggings are made for dancing...

...until 4am. Old and married? I don't think so.

birthday outfit

how fitting then that this photo should look like one from a tabloid. Turns out photos taken drunk in bars at 3am are quite dark.

Just in case you can't actually tell, in the end I wore the sequin leggings with a black t-shirt dress and patent leather pointy high heeled court shoes. with a leather jacket and clutch bag. and the watch of course {which didn't help me either be on time, or get home before it got light}

it did help me to get to see Harry Potter last night though, via a hungover 'meal' at Yo sushi {which essentially involved miso soup and green tea}. Harry Potter was fantastic. Go and see it.


Gaynor said...

Sounds like a fab night out!

I totally agree about Harry Potter - went last night too and loved it! Cant believe we have to wait till Dec 2010 for the first part of the Deathly Hallows!

CaraBella said...

You are *awesome*. Love it. And the gritty feel of this photograph -- *rock.*

un-bride said...

Ahem ... I hate to quibble, but a photo of the complete outfit, this does not make.

But since the story rocks, you're off the hook. Your "old & married" sounds like I hope mine will. Give 'em hell, sista!

Rachel said...


@unbride - picture a scoop necked top to the black t-shirt dress and that's the outfit!{the other photo was too awful to share - I had been drinking and dancing for several hours by that point...}