Tuesday, 25 August 2009


On Friday we head to Cornwall for the bank holiday weekend (along with many others, I don't for one moment imagine that the train there & back is going to be any fun. I foresee drinking warm tins of beer sitting on our bags between the carriages). The wedding & honeymoon used up the remainder of Husband's leave, so this weekend is our last chance for a long weekend before Christmas.

We spent two glorious weeks in Cornwall on our honeymoon. I can't remember if I ever showed you any photos, and my Internet connection is so tediously slow today I can't face trying to check. pmt, mosquito bites & an unfulfilled need to see what the future holds makes for a rather grumpy Rachel. In any event, I leave you with a few snaps from the honeymoon & a promise for a less grumpy blogger on my return in September.

Sunset over the cliffs at Port Isaac



Kynance Cove

{Photos either by me or Husband}


Kristy said...

It's so gorgeous there. I'm not surprised you visit every chance you get. =)

pierre l said...

The Rachel in the third picture looks very lovely indeed.

KLS said...

Very nice.
I esp. like the photo of the two of you wearing sunglasses.

Enjoy your weekend!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

It looks so beautiful! I hope you have a lovely weekend and if you discover the secret to dispelling grumpiness please do share.