Thursday, 6 August 2009

red and white stripes

another thing that I have been doing this week is making a few new cushion covers for my old student style cushions.

I bought the red and white striped fabric in a charity shop earlier this year for £2.50 and have been waiting for a moment of spare time. These are the simplest of things to make: I literally hemmed the two short ends and folded the piece of fabric together like a pillow case, good side in, and sewed it together. And repeat times 3.

They don't really go with our brown sofa which was a hand-me-down from M's parents but is super comfy and long enough to sleep on, even if it is a dull colour. I am keeping an eye out for a textured white bed spread type thing in cream or white to cover the sofa, but until then, this is the sitting room:

red and white striped cushions

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Marie said...

These are lovely!