Thursday, 27 August 2009

summers end

My favourite six months of the year start in June and end up round about my birthday at the start of January. I love early summer and the excitement of the end of term, even though I don't work in terms any more. I love summer drinks parties & balls & weddings. I love how it is usually hot in June and this year was no exception: a heat wave started on the day of our wedding and lasted for three whole weeks. I love the long drawn out evenings when swallows and bats start swooping around in the bluing sky. I love weekends sat in pub gardens, or the park, or lately, our own garden. Of the air ringing with conversation, with laughter. The taste of salt in the air, and on your face, of sand in the eyebrows and sun warmed skin after a day spent surfing, sailing or merely sunbathing. Of shorts, of flat leather sandals, of cold beer and cold Riesling and pimms and champagne and ginger beer.

Come the end of August and I love the nostalgic feeling of new beginnings, even if really it's far from it. The harvest is brought in, we collect fruit from the hedgerows and from the trees. The nights start to close in and there is a quiver of excitement in the air: for frosts, autumnal colours, the smell of woodsmoke and the comforting warmness of scarves and jumpers. Of long boots and thick, cashmere, over the knee socks. Of cooking, of cosy afternoons in pubs, around fires after trips to the beach, windswept and grey. Of going home, roosting, snuggling up after long afternoon walks around London, over Hampstead Heath, and more frequently, in the countryside.

I still haven't heard anything but I am starting to feel more hopeful. That the elongated break of the summer might be over and something exciting might be about to happen just round the corner. And if it isn't, there is plenty else to look forward to in Autumn.

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{Good job I have no money or else I might become a Toast only wearer this autumn...}


Marie said...

I'm glad you're feeling more hopeful. It definitely does feel more autumnal doesn't it. The street sweepers are sweeping up the leaves and the nights are drawing in. There's something quite magical about it the feeling of clinging on to summer as long as possible. How well you put it.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

You just made me feel a *little* more hopeful about the end of summer. Just a little, but it helped. Thank you.

Cyd said...

Ohh I agree that fall is always a bit nostalgic isn't it? The air is turning crisp here, too, before you know it the trees will be completely orange. I can't believe that summer is already winding down!