Monday, 17 August 2009


mocha cupcakes

I have been a bad blogger of late. Too much to do and not enough time to do it in. I have been to two weddings, lots of birthday parties, away from London to two interviews and helping a dear friend through a break-up and flat move.

The cat has been poorly and we had to take him to the vets. We were instructed to cook him boiled chicken and rice, which we did and he wouldn't eat. This morning I jumped through more job centre hoops and when I came back the cat was sick, again. It was looking like a bad Monday.

So this afternoon I baked. Bread. Cake. Cupcakes. I roasted homegrown tomatoes and made sauce for the freezer. I picked blackberries for pie & cobbler. I picked figs for fig and goats cheese salad. I shelled peas and then Husband made risotto.

And so, bad blogger that I am, all I have to offer you today is a mocha cupcake with coffee icing. There were 3 but then Husband ate one...


Marie said...

Oooh, cupcake, yes please :) When does the cat go home? And can I have some of your lovely baked and cooked goods, they sound fabulous!

Bells said...

Thanks, they look delicious! You've been missed and I can't wait for more wedding recaps ... pretty please?

pierre l said...

There isn't really such a thing as a bad blogger. You write on your blog because it's fun and you have time. As you are so busy, the occasional snippet of news on Twitter or a short post here to keep us aware is nice, but not mandatory.
I do hope you get some good news on the job front.
As for the lovely kitty, it must be so distressing to be looking after someone else's cat, and find him/her unwell. I hope we have good news on that front as well in the near future.

KLS said...

I hope the kitty will be OK.

anna and the ring said...

Bad blogger but fabulous gardener and chef! Very jealous!

Please let the black cat be well.

Rachel said...

@Marie - they were from the Rachel Allen book. I will make you some! Cat leaves in another week and a half.

@Bells - recaps are coming, I promise.

@Pierre -:) thank you.

@KLS - I think he will be. He's doing a little better.

@Anna - Husband says money will be welcome but he's enjoyed all the cakes whilst I've been pretending to be a housewife!