Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lovelane Caravans

Still looking for that elusive place to go with Husband for our first wedding anniversary. I have three requirements: in Cornwall/Devon/Somerset, falls under the umbrella of 'vintage camping' {i.e. has echoes of our honeymoon yurt} and isn't bank breakingly expensive.

Lovelane Camping is on the Lizard Peninsular of Cornwall and has retro and vintage caravans set up on their site in a semi circle in a field round a campfire. Looks fabulous for a festival type vibe (especially if a big group of friends hired the entire set) and *perfect* for a small wedding celebration.

Lovelane Camping is almost right, but sadly, not quite. For nigh on £100 a night I think I am looking for more than a caravan in a field of other caravans. Pretty though they are.


Kristy said...

Those caravans are fabulous! DJ and I want a kit to build a teardrop trailer (kind of like one of these; or find a vintage one) but I'd take that one with the yellow canopy any day. (Except for that 100/night bit.)

I do hope you find something!

Alex said...

Oh how lovely! I had the norovirus on our wedding anniversary so it wasn't very romantic...

Becky said...

I've always wanted to stay in one of these


But all on the Isle of Wight so not quite your preferred location I'm afraid. Hope you find something!