Sunday, 25 April 2010

A weekend in photos



blue anchor april 25

After a morning at work, an afternoon sunbathing in the garden, an evening of drinking around the barbeque and in the pub with London friends, Sunday was spent quietly showing said London friends some of our (new) favourite places.

Blue Anchor beach is not especially remarkable or even pretty. But the parking is free and the light is always beautiful, even when front after front is rolling in off the sea and the clouds pile up, occasionally splitting to allow the sun to stream through.

Blogging to resume again shortly I hope. We went to London last weekend where I met up with lovely blogging friends Peonies, Marie & C&Z from Hat&Feathers. I also went to a party dressed as a bear, had my hair done and took afternoon tea at the Berkeley with my husband, as my twitter peeps will know all too well as I did nothing but upload photos to twitter the entire way back to Somerset.

Since then work went crazy (in a good but extremely busy way) and London friends came to stay. But I am back now. And more posts and photos to come.

All photos by me.


babypicturethis said...

Beautiful photos, the light is really fantastic.

Hope you are feeling a little more relaxed.


Alex said...

I disagree - every beach has it's own magic!

hatandfeathers said...

it was such light to see you & yours. we should plan something for soon!