Monday, 13 June 2011

2 years on

I, Rachel, take you, M, to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, from [that] day forward. I promise to do your laundry and to eat the food that you cook for me, except for cakes, which I will make, for I am better at that. I will do my best to only use one tea cup per day and when I don't, to put the whole lot in the dishwasher before you come home. For better, for worse, in Somerset and in London. I promise to get out of bed and get to work on time, just as long as you remember to ring me on your way to the station to help wake me up. For richer, for poorer, I will try not to do so much shopping just as long as you are earning more of the money. As soon as my law loans are paid, I promise you will be able to buy as much wine as you like. I will pick up my clothes off the floor and try and wear the ones that I have, rather than my endless quest for something new. Or, sell them on ebay. In sickness and in health, with my migraines and endo and my general whining, I promise to keep the roar to a whisper and to feed you hayfever tablets every day from March til September, never letting the house run out of tissues. I promise to listen to your work chat, without getting distracted. I will learn about wine and support without mocking the endless round of dinners and entertaining. To love you, unconditionally, and to cherish, without taking, when we are together and not-together, in Somerset and London, til death do us part. This is my solemn vow.

(Inspired by Anna K of Any Other Wedding, who also shares our wedding anniversary)

iphone snap by me of our anniversary peonies in the bathroom


Cate Subrosa said...

Awwww. Love you guys. x

Abigail said...

Beautiful! I am so happy for you two!

agirl said...

Love, love, love. Times a million.