Monday, 6 June 2011


Husband had to be back in London this evening so he got the bus whilst I was still at work. This meant I didn't have to drive to Taunton so I traded my ballet class for a walk along the coast path. Endless blue skies above moorland, stubbled fields alternated with meadow grass, hedgerows and wild flowers, the sound of the sheep calling to each other competing with the bird song from the multitude of wetland and sea birds. The wind whistling in the long grass. And then home, to Delilah, who sat on the sofa for just a minute, before leaping on to the dining table and stealing the remainder of the cheese off my plate.


Emma said...

This makes me long for a life outside London - such beautiful photos! And hope Delilah is settling in well - it certainly sounds like it.

cara said...

what a gorgeous little snippet. And that first photo is beautiful.