Thursday, 4 August 2011

If I were in New York this summer

I would be going to this

Drinking. Dancing. Raising money and awareness about marriage equality. Hanging out with amazing ladies whom I admire muchly.

Sadly, it's not going to happen for this event. BUT I did figure that despite being "off shopping" the donation to buy one of these lovely tote bags was absolutely a charitable donation and very much not shopping. You can get one here too, if you're quick. [Don't worry, Meg has made sure that they ship to the UK].

Also, I think A Girl's World is talking about holding a dance party over here. Um, yes, how much fun would that be?

And, Kirsty of A Safe Mooring is writing about this too. And AND the lovely ladies from Any Other Wedding are talking about marriage equality too.

So, go, read, buy a tote and then tell A Girl we want her to organise a dance party here. (I'll help her if she needs)


Images by Emily Takes Photos


Kirsty {a safe mooring} said...

I love how everyone is talking about this today! I will be dancing with you in spirit...

Lauren said...

Dance Party!!!

agirl said...

Oh lord. I was thinking about a *virtual* event, but why the heck not?! Life needs more fabulous parties.

Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

A virtual event would be fun. A real life event would be even better :)