Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My sister's wedding

My sisters are two of the most important people in my life and one of my favourite moments this year was dancing together with them at Anne's wedding earlier this summer. As you can see from the photos above, we went outside to have our photos taken together and across the summer air came strains of music from inside the barn. We all started to dance and (fortunately?) the wonderful Lauren captured it all... So we recreated a childhood photo which has been doing the rounds of hen parties - us as the Spice Girls circa mid 90s. As evidenced above...

If you are interested, you can see Lauren's photos here and Anne's recap of her memories of the day here.

I think Lauren's photos are fantastic. There are some brilliant memories, some wonderful photography and lots and lots of our family that I just want to print out and frame. I keep looking back at them. If they make *me* this emotional, who knows how my sister and brother-in-law (the artist formerly known as Faux-Bro) are holding themselves together.

The top photo is of us and the baby bridesmaids (the groom's cousin and the bride's friend's daughter) accompanied by our Dad as we approach the church. The second is obviously us prancing in a field and the third is the bride and all the bridesmaid's dancing, watched by our husbands, boyfriend and (baby bridesmaids) parents. I particularly like that in the background you can see a newly engaged couple friend of the bride and groom dancing - in later photos they are kissing :) You can also see the lighting which my sister designed, our Dad constructed out of wire and junction boxes and lightbulbs, the decorations which my sister made and then once the whole lot had been wired/fixed together was hoisted up to the beams by our Dad and the Best Man with bridesmaids holding it up and steadying ladders. It was a real team building exercise by both families, that set up day, but absolutely amazing. In fact, the whole weekend was absolutely wonderful. I really felt that I didn't just gain a brother-in-law but also his four younger brothers too (and their parents!).

If you click on over to the rest of Lauren's photos, you can also see the flowers and the hair piece, both of which I made/put together in conjunction with Annie and of which I was rather proud. The flowers, because they were a rather sad heap and together we made them look presentable, and the hair piece because we wove my veil offcuts, a vintage brooch I helped Annie pick, vintage ribbon of our Mother's and ribbon from the flowers and cake into one.

Photos by Lauren McGlynn


Kristy said...

Okay, now I *really* love her hair piece. Your veil trimmings & mom's ribbon? I'm getting emotional over bits of fabric. :)

agirl said...

Love, love, love times a million.

CeeCee said...

Fabulous photos, it looks like a day filled with love and happiness.

Your sister looked stunning, her dress was so simple and elegant.