Monday, 14 July 2008

Confessions of a fiancee (Part One)

I am a secret facebook wedding photo stalker. If any of my friends is tagged in a wedding album I look through the whole lot looking for ideas. Sadly, most of the notes I make are for the 'don't' list.

Making the list so far:-
  • Make sure that bridesmaid's dresses fit well and do not involve net underskirts, the colour pink, shiny fabrics or wellies.
  • Bouquets should be restricted in size for the bridesmaids and should not involve netting.
  • Grooms should refrain from wearing their jeans.
  • Brides should consider their rear view. Also their front view. Shiny dresses look vile in photographs especially inside using a flash.
  • Dresses which lace up the sides or backs are not for me.
  • Morning Suit is overrated. Very few people can pull it off.
  • Black hats look a little odd with a pale outfit.
  • Asymmetric hemlines on females in the wedding party are best left to the flower girl.
  • The bride's hair should be reminiscent of what she usually/actually looks like.
  • Tiaras are for flower girls unless they are real (the jewels not the flower girl)
  • White shoes get grass stains
  • Strapless dresses should not be too high or too structured but should fit properly


Anonymous said...

Some of those don'ts sound rather scary. I dread to think where you got them from. Wellies? Netting on bouquets? Pff.

Rachel said...

you'd be surprised... i can't divuldge my sources, naturally, but I don't think they were from weddings of people at school...

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I agree with almost all of that!

Asymmetric hemlines are not good.

Jeans are unacceptable. Unless you're getting married in the woods, or up a hill.

Why don't more brides look at their back view in a mirror? Why does no body tell them that they should?

Shiny dresses are not flattering.

Tiaras are for children. And real princesses. If you don't have a title don't wear a tiara is my rule on them.

Although I do like wellies at weddings, they make me smile!