Monday, 14 July 2008

The Planning Continues

Last year I was involved in some of the organising of a wedding. I learnt a lot from that wedding which was a fabulous day enjoyed by all the guests, some of which can be translated to help M and I with our own wedding plans:-
  • The more planning that is done early on in the engagement the better, I think. Everything did come together in time for the big day but I think I would like to give ourselves a little more leeway.
  • It takes longer to organise a hen-party than you might think. Best get started early (at least in dreaming up the perfect thing to do). The more notice you give everyone, the more likely it is that everyone will be able to attend.
  • Making bridesmaids dresses takes a lot of time but the results are stunning.
  • Having vases on the top table instead of flower arrangements means that everyone has somewhere to put their bouquet and the effect is beautiful.
  • Elaborate flower arrangements in the church and the reception look gorgeous but they are possibly a cost which can be cut.
  • It is the smallest touches which can hold a day together. I am thinking co-ordinated stationery from invitations to thank-you letters, a theme running throughout the entire day, flowers or feathers and soaps in the loos, a hat line, tea available throughout the day, blankets and umbrellas available if it is cold and/or wet, cushions on seats for the Grannies and many more things I have yet to think about.
  • ushers are invaluable.
  • reception lines are a great idea. people should be told they are required to stand in one ahead of time.
  • the most important aspects of the day are making sure all parties arrive at the church and that the actual marriage happens and goes well & that everyone has an amazing party afterwards.
  • that the bride & groom leave the party before it descends into too much chaos, that everyone (especially the ushers) knows when they are departing and how and that people are there to wave them off.
  • that cleaning up is organised beforehand so no-one gets lumped with it unexpectedly.

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