Friday, 11 July 2008

What to wear?

On Wednesday we went to my favourite Vintage shop to try on some dresses and get some ideas. It's hard really to know where to start with a wedding dress. It is, I am told, the most important dress choice of my life. Get it wrong and I will be looking at bad photographs forever. I am also told, alright, I read it in the Shopaholic series, that "your dress chooses you". Hhhmm. Does it? Or does your budget just limit the choice? On the other hand, this is a dress that I will wear once. It seems unjustifiable, given that the cost per wear ratio is simply x:1, to spend a fortune.

So, I thought perhaps I would buy a vintage dress that I really like and then adapt and alter it to make a dress that I really love. We are not having a very formal wedding so it doesn't need to be too ostentatious but it does need to be bridal. White, off white, ivory, cream. It needs to be full length (I tried others but they scream "older lady at a registry office") and it needs to be simple but hang really well. It must look as good if not better from the back as the front, as for nearly an hour the congregation at the church will see my rear view only.

I found one option which I have reserved until someone can come in and see whether my alterations are possible. I do really like it. But it is pretty much the first occasion for dress shopping and I am worried that there may be better. So the search continues...


Peonies and Polaroids said...

I think that wedding dresses are completely over-rated. Of course I wish I'd reached this conclusion before buying one, but never mind.

I think a vintage dress is a perfect idea and I think it is absolutely fine just to like your dress and not love it. I quite love my dress (can you quite love something? hmmm) but love only happened long after I'd bought it.

Rachel said...

I agree that you can 'quite' love something. Although having seen your recent dress pictures I don't think 'quite' could enter the sentence!

I am going to see the dress again tonight, so we shall see...

I take it you guessed I found the frock site from yours! Hope you don't mind.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Not at all! I love The Frock, it's the most wonderful resource for utterly fabulous, completely unaffordable dresses!

My dress is lovely, but I'm not deeply and hopelessly in love with it. I know I would be just as happy in lots of other lovely dresses, which is where the 'quite' comes into it!

Good luck tonight. I'm having 'I wish I'd gone vintage dress shopping' pangs of jealously!