Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Engagement Party

Image by Sedona Bride/Katrina Wallace Photography

Some friends of good friends got married a couple of weeks ago. This isn't them. But I just loved the light in this photo that I had to post it as I would like a photo much like this of me and my boy (with less dramatic scenery, obviously, being England)

The photos of our friends wedding have started to trickle into sight, on mantlepieces and facebook, despite the bride and groom still being on honeymoon. By all accounts it was a wonderful, fantastic wedding and indeed seeing so many people I know as guests gave my looking through the photos extra meaning.

What it also did is make me nervous.

It is our engagement party this weekend, the formal one. I.e not the one where we invited friends round to our flat for drinks and a barbeque the weekend after we got engaged. This one is held by my mother-in-law-to-be, with champagne and guests and The Meeting of The Parents. Yes, after almost seven years, our respective parents still have not met. There will also be the meeting of the BestMan and Bride's Parents and various other relatives on both sides. It also means that there is only 1 week and 8 months until the wedding and 7 months until the hen and stag parties.

I must not panic. I must write lists.

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Guilty Secret said...

Relax and enjoy it!