Monday, 15 September 2008

Invitations and other ways to stress

Despite being told, repeatedly, that our invitations will set the tone and theme for our wedding M and I have decided to go for simple and plain. We have bought some beautiful correspondence cards in plain off-white. We are going to write the details on ourselves with a calligraphy pen. We are going to make a stamp with a peacock feather on it for the corners and then we are going to pop them into plain blue envelopes and post them.

Not that I think this is the 'easy' way out, no, not at all. Hand-writing invitations to 120 guests (approx 75 invitations) will still take some time but it is simple and beautiful and does not involve glue.

I don't like glue. Things do not look neat or chic when they are glued (unless you are incredibly good at glue-ing, are incredibly patient and do not scream loudly when things invariably **** up.

I can do calligraphy... I can do calligraphy under pressure (75 name plates the night before my boy's brother's wedding). I can address envelopes. It will be fine. Just as long as I do not read wedding p0rn and have a similar conversation to this (but about invitations):

PeacockFeathers: (watching a wedding show and in a worried tone of voice) "Do you think I should have got a pouffier dress?"

BestFriend: (also watching wedding show, looking horrified) "what?"

P: "Do you think it's boring having a long slim straight dress?"

BF: "But you love your dress, it looks great. It's simple. Your style is simple."

P: "But do you think M will want to see me in something more, I don't know, bigger?"

BF: "No. Your dress is great. Stop stressing."

P: "But..."

BF: (firmly, ending conversation) "your dress is beautiful. Be quiet".

Aaaahhh. I no longer know if I stand by any of my choices. Maybe I do want frothy and detailed. Maybe I should stop looking at facebook weddings and wedding blogs.... I think I need a cup of tea and to worry about things in the right order. Like the fact that the wedding is 9 months last Saturday and the save-the-date e-mails still have not gone out...


redframe said...

1. nine months is a lifetime in wedding world... do not fret.
2. second guessing your dress is normal, natural and i still don't know how to stop doing it! i've also gone simple and slim... now of course i'm in love with pouf and ruffles. it figures. x

Rachel said...

Thanks Redframe. I know, I could have a baby in less time! It's ages away so I wil stop stressing.

I do love my dress, I just hope that M does. Actually, I am sure that he will think I look good in whatever I wear. I'm tall and skinny. I think a wedding dress of whatever kind will look ok! There's just so many beautiful dresses!

So, there's an exciting end to your story then...?! x

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

love the idea of handwritten invitations - it's so classic and personal!

Jenna said...

I would love to have handwritten invitations. My handwriting, unfortunately, is the worst girls handwriting I have ever seen. Really the worst.

Is there a special system you use for stalking weddings on facebook.....I would like to know what this is exactly.

Rachel said...

Thanks Ami & Jenna, I think you're right. It's just everytime you open a blog or magazine there are a gazillion new ideas and suddenly plain handwritten cards seem dull...

Jenna - no specific method (and I don't really stalk, I just look at friends photo albums of weddings they have gone to) Saw the worst suits ever yesterday. The main problem people seem to have is they don't think of the overall picture.

redframe said...

gosh, i keep giving things away in my comments! that's why i'm trying to get the story to catch up now darn it! but you still don't know who... ha ha.
we'll chat more, i'm also tall and skinny but that makes it so much harder cause like you say everything looks okay! other girls don't want to hear that moan though... later, soon!

Guilty Secret said...

I love the sound of your invitations *and* your dress. Deep breaths now ;)

Rachel said...

Thanks Guilty. I am trying not to stress. Finally sent *some* of the save the date invites but need to send the rest.

I have a few months yet though! x