Monday, 1 September 2008

Not tagged but borrowed

Peony was tagged a few months ago to write 4 things about herself you didn't know. She complied but then changed the rules to read 4 things you didn't know about your betrothed. She didn't tag me (I wasn't a bride-to-be then, so my boy was simply a boy) but I thought I would join in the fun.

There are already plenty of things that you didn't know about me that you do now so I will jump straight to my boy: 4 things you didn't know about M:

1. When we first met he didn't want a girlfriend. Seven years and 4 months on and he shall have a wife. Of course, he just hadn't met anyone who he liked enough to be his girlfriend rather than not wanting a girlfriend per se. It just sounds better the other way.

2. He is a fantastic cook and provides the vast majority of the meals in our household. He also does the washing up, for which I cannot thank him enough. The provision of regular meals and the subsequent washing up are two of my most hated household chores. Funnily enough I don't mind doing the washing, cleaning the bathroom, loo cleaning, toiletry and cleaning product provision, ironing or mending. So it works rather well.

Image by The BestMan

M is the one in the pink jumper

3. I love the fact that he only wears trainers to play football. He sometimes wears converse if we go raving or partying and spends much of the summer in flip flops but the rest of the time he wears proper shoes; beautiful shoes.

4. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of music and films and can always be counted on to select the right music for the occasion. Much like the BestMan and my boy's longest and best-est friend. Causes a fair few arguments over whose turn it is with the ipod though...

And one thing I'm sure you did know: I love him, I think he's fab and I can't wait to be his wife!



pierre l said...

This is a lovely post, Rachel, especially the last sentence. I hope you two will be really happy together.

Rachel said...

Thanks Pierre. I do so hope you're right. In fact, I know we'll be happy together; that is why I am so excited!