Monday, 29 September 2008

Wedding Vendors

At what point do you suppose you don't use a potential vendor? One vendor is causing me some anxiety and we haven't even handed over any money. They didn't respond to my initial e-mail so three days later I called. Appropriate excuses were proffered and accepted and it was indicated that a quote would be e-mailed and that a meeting would be set up for us to visit. No quote arrived so I e-mailed to jog the memory and one did arrive later that day, only 10 days after the initial e-mail. So far, not too worried.

I then e-mailed about 10 days later to say that we were still considering the quote but would like to arrange the meeting to see - the whatever they offer* - in person and so we could discuss our needs more thoroughly and suggested some dates. So far, I have heard nothing, not even a 'sorry, we're working through our e-mails' e-mail or out of office response. Nothing, nada, zip.

See, the thing is, I really like the 'whatever they offer' that they do offer but I am worried that if this is their attitude to potential clients that they will be worse post deposit. So do I e-mail again and threaten/suggest that if they do not respond more quickly I will take my business elsewhere (and suffer the consequences if they make me follow that through) or do I wait, or what. Organising is stressful enough without having to hand-hold vendors. I thought they were supposed to make my life easier?

Answers on a postcard please...

*i.e. I know what they offer I just want to be anonymous about them at present.


Anonymous said...

I guess it depends how much you want the 'whatever they offer'. Are you aware of any alternatives? If you threaten to take your business elsewhere you should be prepared to do that if you have to, otherwise if they call your bluff they will have no incentive to improve their customer service moving forward.

Or can you do some research online to see whether anyone else is blogging about them? You might be able to find some details of other people's experiences. If they are a large vendor, what about

Or alternatively you could just take a punt. They might just be exceptionally busy or may have dealt with too many brides-to-be who want quotes and then bugger off without a polite "no thanks". But it would be a pretty big gamble.

pierre l said...

Part of me is a born pessimist, or, perhaps, what Which? magazine used to call "ultra-cautious". For the sake of argument, I shall assume that they provide transport. Your wedding day arrives; no transport, so quick phone call; "we're very busy today, but we can do the job on Wednesday".
There may be perfectly good reasons why they are not responsive, but it is a worry if, for example, they are taking on too much work...

Peonies and Polaroids said...

With the benefit of hindsight I would say run, if you have time to find a new WhateverItIs.

I wish we had taken our doubts about our venue seriously instead of thinking 'oh, it's probably just their manner, it will be fine on the day' because it wasn't.

But then our baker had crap customer service but the cakes were exquisite, so it can go wither way. It's just that after the problems with the venue I wouldn't be willing to take any risks.

I would warn them that you're going to take your business elsewhere and see if they improve. But be wary.

Rachel said...

Well, the company provides things, not a service as such, so the alternatives are there but not in the same way. Having them let us down at the last minute would ruin a good part of the reception.

The appealing thing is they are a small vendor. As part of our ethos of our wedding is to do things locally to the venue and support local vendors, I would prefer to use them than a larger but plainer supplier. But if they can't respond to e-mails before I pay a deposit, it makes me unsure. Maybe I will give them a call.

Admingirl - I think you make a good point that lots of people want quotes and then go elsewhere. Maybe I am being unduly pessimistic.

Pierre - yes, that is my main worry that they are too busy and will forget to deliver on the day.

Peonies - I am hoping that this vendor is more along the lines of your baker because the Whatevertheyares are so very beautiful and I cannot find a similiar supplier in the area of the wedding.