Monday, 8 September 2008

Our Wedding Vendors: Venue & Inspiration Questions

Secret venue near our old university town (if you recognise it, don't let on!)
{All images from Author's Personal Collection}

Wedding Inspiration Questions from Snippet & Ink (them of the amazing mood boards!)

1. What season is it?
It will be early summer.

2. What is the mood of the event? Is it formal, casual, or something in between? Is it grand or intimate? Sophisticated? Playful?
The idea is to have a casual formal wedding, if that makes any sense. I.e. We are aiming to keep things in perspective. It will be lounge suits/cocktail dresses rather than black tie but I hope people will wear hats. More like a country garden party/tea party I suppose, which will go on into the evening. But with a hog roast rather than sandwiches and probably less strawberries. Although that hasn't been decided yet. Intimate, stylish, sophisticated but laid-back, I suppose.

3. What is the location? Inside or out-of-doors? How can I play up regional/local elements? Does the architecture/scenery inspire me?
We are hiring a marquee to be stood on the tennis court lawn in front of the house (which you can see part of above on the 2nd row down, left picture) with tables and a dance floor inside. We are having local produce and our friends are combining to make the music (ranging from DJ sets to a band).
A lot of the wedding will be made by my boy and I. We are proposing to hand-write our invitations on beautiful paper and to make the seating plan, posters, decorations, cake-topping thing, bunting and so on. We are proposing to make the most of it being held in a garden and beautiful outside surroundings. We shall have wellies, blankets and umbrellas on hand, just in case.

4. What single element can tie everything together? Is it a theme? A certain flower or fruit?
The single element which will tie everything together will be the peacock feather, hence also the name of this blog. The colours of the feather have and will influence everything from my shoes to my bridesmaids' dresses. All other decorations will most likely be white to balance the vibrancy of the colours of the peacock feather. The only flowers will be the ones in the church (to be transferred to the venue) and the bouquets/button holes (vases will be on the top table to pop the bouquets in. The only other floral decorations will be dried lavender.

5. How can I stretch this idea? What is unexpected but fits perfectly with all the other aspects?
The plates and crockery we hope to use will probably be the unexpected in this theme - they will neither match each other nor the peacock feathers but I think they will be a decoration in themselves and very much fit the country/very English theme.
I also especially like the colours of the doors at the venue: exactly what I would have chosen if they had asked me to paint them!


jermac said...

I'm not sure 'hog roast' and 'sophisticated' sit that well together, well in adjacent sentences anyway ;-). I remember we created all our own invites etc., spent hours at it together which was a really fun.

Rachel said...

Hhhmm, well, maybe! Actually, my friend had a hog roast for her wedding but it was served up as a 3 course sit down dinner which was sophisticated and formal, so I think it can work, it just depends on how it is presented.

I am looking forward to spending hours writing out our invitations over the winter. All we need is an open fire to cosy up to and we'd never need to go out until Spring!