Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bridesmaids Presents

bridesmaids presents

{all images by me}

And so, finally, I can let you in on the presents for the bridesmaids which I have been making and collecting all year but have not been able to show you as I wanted the bridesmaids to be the first to see them!*

Each bridesmaid was given a tote bag with her initial appliqued on the outside (1). The bags are cotton tote bags which my Mum had left over from a Christian Aid fair she was organising and the letter are made from felt which I had already. As with all of the wedding we tried to re-use and recycle wherever possible, so I was pleased that these were made entirely from things I (or my Mum) already owned. Essentially, to make these, I printed out a template from the computer, cut it out of felt and sewed it onto the bag using a sewing machine. Some of the stitching is not absolutely straight but I hope that adds to the homemade feel rather than detracts from the overall effect.

Inside each bag were a collection of items (2), some for the day itself and some things simply as presents. The blue pashminas (5) were in case they got chilly and the purses (6) were to use on the day if they wished, but also as a present as well. These purses were handmade by Etsy seller Claire at The Brit Boutique and matched the clutch bag that I used, save for different linings which I chose to suit each of them individually. Inside each purse was a pair of earrings to wear on the day and a little sparkly brooch which I found at a jewellery stall (3).

I then made each bridesmaid a lavender eye mask (4) to use to relax after the wedding, and to scent the contents of their bag beautifully! The last present each bag contained was a retro perspex photo cube which had a print by Etsy Seller Peonies from Peonies and Polaroids: The Shop on one side, photos from the hen party on some of the other sides and some blank spaces for their own photographs as well.

So, a few practical things, a few pretty things and all of them representative of my favourite things. I hope that they enjoyed them!

*These photos do not show the earrings which were added just beforehand, but they were not finished when I was writing these posts!


anna said...

Thoughtful, unextravagant and objects that will be treasured. Beautiful.

Kristy said...

I could use one of those lavender eye sachets about now, haha.

That's such a great shade of blue. I'd love to see pictures of the earrings!

KLS said...

Great ideas and very pretty!

Marie said...

These are amazing. I was rubbish with presents for my bridesmaids, I feel put to shame now...