Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hen Party V

hen party 5
{Images by hen party guests}

After the afternoon tea we played party games:
a bride's quiz with prizes
20s style crosswords and quiz
a picture round {famous wives}
names on backs {famous couples}
design the best dress out of recycled newspaper
and a bride-wars style fight afterwards
lots of drinking games {with dancing}
and then supper

all in all, the best hen weekend I could ever have hoped for.

and now, a week to go until we leave for the wedding...


Indian Summers said...

I've been loving your hen party posts - it looks fabulous! I can't believe your wedding is so closed - how exciting!!

Aubergine said...

Oh wow!

I just love your hen party photos. It looks like complete fun and I love that it's not too 'wedding-y'.

I'm getting nagged about my own hen party and I've been putting off even thinking about it but this looks like so much fun I think I might have to start considering it!

Kristy said...

I love the knight in shining armor. And the newspaper wedding gowns are fabulous - quite creative and very well made!

I can't believe you're only a week out! Eek!

Rachel said...

Thanks girls. It was a brilliant, fantastic weekend and I highly recommend it as an idea, hen party or not.