Monday, 8 June 2009

DIY Details and How-To: Rose Petal Confetti

rose petal confetti

{Image by me}

In the beginning, I was going to buy rose petal confetti, beautiful, fresh scented rose petals to use as confetti. And then I was made redundant and my budget for such things dropped dramatically. So I had another look at the Real Flower Company and saw the dried rose petals which was a more realistic option to make myself at home.

I started by harvesting the pink roses which grow all around our kitchen window and drying them on a tea towel in the kitchen but I quickly realised that they would not be enough. So, each time I have been to the shop, or to the tube station, or lately, the job centre, I have taken a plastic bag and filled it with rose petals which I have deadheaded from all the beautiful rose bushes around my neighbourhood. I never realised quite how many roses grow up and down the streets of N5.

Sadly, this being England and last weekend being perhaps the only sunshine we will see all summer, the petals haven't been drying quite as well as I had hoped. So I had to give them a little helping hand in a low oven this afternoon.

Lastly, in order to hand them out to people at the church, I have made some paper cones which are rather sweet and can be made very quickly on the evening before {as I don't think we can transport them made up}. The petals also look rather beautiful in our vintage teacups but are less practical to hand to people after the service.

and if you wondered how to do it yourself, it couldn't be easier. collect rose petals and separate. put oven on the lowest setting and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. sprinkle petals onto the greaseproof paper and leave in the oven for 5-15 minutes depending on petals, temperature and how engrossed in the tennis you are, remove from oven and cool on a tea-towel.


Rosalie said...

Great idea, I really must do this, I was looking at the real flower company ones too but it's just not in the budget. The roses in our garden have just come out so I'll harvest those and any I come across :)

un-bride said...

Very pretty andd eco-friendly. Alas, my venue doesn't allow them, so none for me. Please get a pic of them in the paper cones!

Bells said...

hee hee - I have an image of you skipping around north london with a woven basket full of petals under your arm.
Love your eco-home-made chic!

pierre l said...

Have a wonderful wedding day, Rachel. Congratulations to both of you.