Thursday, 18 June 2009

DIY How-To: Lavender Eye Masks

Lavender Eye Masks How To

{All images by me}

In case anyone fancied making their own version of these eye-masks, here is the how-to.

First of all, choose your fabric. This is a chambray which is easy to sew, is soft and cosy and rather pretty. I started off by making a template (9) and then cutting out the fabric. I then used white thread and my sewing machine to sew round the fabric staying about 5mm from the edge and leaving a gap at one end (6). I then turned the fabric inside out {correct side out} (4) and ironed it flat (7). I then filled the bag with dried lavender {although I have made others using cushion stuffing which is still comfortable just does not have the smell appeal of lavender} using a paper funnel (3). I only filled the bags half full so that the lavender can move about and mold to the face. I sewed up the end so it looked like the one at (2) and then added ribbon of a suitable length to tie behind the head (5). The finished eye masks are at (1).

A relatively easy project but are super comforting.

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Kristy said...

I was actually contemplating making one (or a few) on my way to work today - thanks for the info!