Monday, 19 October 2009

Baby it's cold outside

It's a chilly night tonight. Autumn is well and truly here. The weekend was full of sunshine and fallen leaves (despite spending most of it in either Selfridges or the vintage shop). Today I left for meetings under chilly and grey skies. I write this wrapped up in tights, jogging bottoms, ugg boots, t-shirt, polo neck jumper, cardigan and hot water bottle. We had to turn the heating on too, as the flat started to smell of wet and mouldy washing.

I keep dreaming of babies: my own and other peoples. We are definitely not having one at the moment and as far as I know, neither are the friends who are pregnant in my dreams. I keep going back to the same house as well, which in my dreams is my childhood holiday home. Which is odd, as the only holiday home we had was a tent, albeit pitched on the same piece of wild clifftop, year in, year out for 15 or so years.

{If we were having a baby though, I would have to get these slippers for it. They are so very sweet that I checked to see if they had them in my size (they didn't). I came across them when searching for a birthday present for my sister. As she is neither newborn nor having a newborn, they won't fit the bill, sadly... And I can't post here what I did buy, as every so often she reads this. Once her birthday has passed, I will show you though, as what we did choose is also very sweet.}

PS. Thank you to Baking Mad Mama & Wife in the City who have recently awarded me the awards featured on the left. I am most appreciative and will post the required list of favourite blogs and facts about myself soon. In the meantime, thank you, and please look at their blogs if you haven't already.


CeeCee said...

Very cute and also very similar to a pair that I wore as a baby, passed down from my older brother who they were originally purchased for in Jerusalem by my father. My mother has kept them and promised them to me when/if I have children.

Marie-Ève said...

I think dreaming of babies is normal, it doesn't mean you need or want to have them *now*... I mean if you one day want to become a parent, and I know you do, of course you're going to think about it, it's a major life event...

The shoes are adorable, alas my son is too old for them already... And the comment above reminded me that when he was born two years ago my MIL gave me Martin's newborn shoes she had preciously saved... I loved the present, but never put them on LP. I was too afraid I'd break them or something.

Marie said...

Those slippers are adorable.