Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Other people's weddings

Another week, another manic week. Am still here with plenty of stories to tell, including:

. how to dress a bed and bathroom to look like it should be in a magazine
. why going to watch a TV show being recorded is not as much fun as it should be (and why a certain blonde large radio and talk show host is nowhere near as funny in person)

In the meantime I leave you with a series of photos taken by Elegant & Wild at a friend's wedding a few weekends ago. More to come of us dancing later in the week when I've edited them to remove the other guests.

{all photos by Elegant & Wild}


Anonymous said...

Arrgghh- why do British women wear such awful hats at weddings? You like a middle-aged frump!

Bells said...

You're hat is gorgeous - love the angle and you have the perfect face shape for a proper hat. (I wish I did - it's all in the jaw line I think).
I love that we Brits still wear hats to weddings – I hope lots of people do at mine!

Jenna said...

My GOODNESS you look fantastic in that hat and I'm quite jealous that we Americans have made dressing up for weddings so boring. Sometimes I even see guests wearing *shudder* jeans! I vote we start doing it the British way, dressing up in hats or fascinators!

Em said...

Gosh, Anonymous, if you're going to be insulting, at least check your spelling is correct.

Seriously though, Rachel, you really don't look frumpy or middle aged. I love the British tradition of wearing hats to weddings - not that I ever have as I look truly awful in them - and I think you should continue wearing them, especially as they suit you so so well! Great photos - especially love the one of the two of you.

Baking Mad said...

Well I think the hat is fab, and think you pull it off wonderfully. I am v. jealous of anyone who can wear hats, I look mad in them.

the un-bride said...

Oh yeah, tv tapings are hellishly boring. I have no idea why anyone attends voluntarily.

And my first thought at seeing your pic was "dammit, English girls can really wear hats!" Anonymous can stuff it.

Rachel said...

thanks Ladies.

I think there are many things I could be called but I was surprised by middle aged. (as you will see, when I post the dancing photos, the dress is really anything but).

I am glad we still wear hats to weddings. I was so pleased when so many people did to mine.

Nicole Smith said...

You look beautiful! I love the hat ;)