Friday, 16 October 2009


I have spent the past few days helping a friend with the re-launch of a formerly well-known bedlinen brand. It has been great fun and a fantastic learning experience. All of my wedding planning and implementing experience came in most useful, proof that if you want a career in such things it does not have to be limited to weddings in particular. I 'worked' with the PR team and the stylist covering all areas from the administration side of the event to the implementation of the show. Sadly no creative input (ha, of course not, when one is only helping out) but I gained lots of ideas and inspiration. Oh yes, and I compiled 100 beautiful goody-bags to hand out to the press.

And, as promised, some hints on making your bed look like a show bed. Aside from the obvious which is that packet new, freshly steamed bedlinen makes an enormous amount of difference to appearance, you could try the following (although I can't guarantee it will be as pleasant to sleep in as your usual set up):

. place a thin duvet under the undersheet to make the bed look doubly inviting.
. inside the duvet cover place at least 3, possibly up to 5 duvets, depending on thickness. This will make the duvet easier to arrange and look extra plump.
. you will need 8 fresh pillows and a plethora of cushions. Slightly flat slept on ones are no good, they must be thick and fat and inviting. Place in a variety of matching but contrasting pillow cases from the same range and pile up 4 at the back with 4 on their long sides in 2 rows of 2 in front.
. take a sheet and fold it so that it is poking out of the top of the duvet and tucked under the last row of pillows.
. arrange eiderdown, extra blankets and cushions on top of the artfully arranged duvet.
. hand steam away any wrinkles.
. place scented candles, light, flowers and other accessories on nearby cabinets.

Your bed will look fabulous and your room will smell divine. I am not poking fun here, this really will make your bed look fantastic... you just might need to tone it so that it actually works as a functioning bed too. 5 duvets may be too much for some people. Personally, I came home inspired to declutter and make our flat look a little less, umm, full.

I also took some photos of the show, so I will check whether I can post them for your inspiration as well.

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Baking Mad said...

You can't beat a well made up bed, when I take the time and effort to do mine properly (as opposed to just slinging the duvet back into position) it always feels v. luxurious.
There's an award for you over at my bllog by the way :)