Monday, 26 October 2009

Hampstead Heath

autumnal sun

Sometimes, just sometimes, a girl has to take the afternoon off and follow the autumnal sunlight to the most open space she knows. For the view. For the light. For the peace and quiet. Just sometimes, that day is Monday. And for this girl, that day was today.

The highest, lightest, open place I know (in London) is Hampstead Heath. So, in the company of a teaching friend who is on half-term this week, we went walking this afternoon. We walked in the orangey light of the late afternoon, across the grassy field full of people walking dogs, past the swimming lakes and up onto Parliament Hill. We walked side by side but in near silence, drinking in the light and the silence, broken only by the occasional chatter of tiny children and the barking of all the dogs being walked. We stood for a while looking over London and watching the sun creep lower in the sky before turning and returning to the village, the tube, home and, in my case, supper with Husband whilst watching the two final Masterchef programmes which aired whilst Husband was away.


{All images by me}


hatandfeathers said...

oh, curse my migraine! i'm so sad to have missed such light (& the bright leaves!)

Nicole Smith said...

beautiful landscapes! You captured them well.

Sarah said...

I lived in London during the fall a few years ago, and Hampstead Heath was a favorite place of mine to go! Your lovely photos capture the light there perfectly.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

How gorgeous. And so calming, both your words and pictures. They remind me that for someone, somewhere autumn is not relentlessly grey and wet.