Sunday, 18 October 2009

While The Husband is away

Husband is away this week. It is his first business trip and he is going wine tasting in Burgundy. He is a lucky boy. It is also the first time that he has been away without me for more than 2 nights since we have lived together and certainly since we got married. Yet while I will miss him I am looking forward to a little time to do some more girly activities and some other things which will be easier when there is no-one to distract me. So, this week I aim to:

. have the clothes sort out that I keep promising to. Which will actually include going through all the clothes that haven't been worn since Husband and I moved to our current flat (and being ruthless). If it hasn't been worn in the last three years and isn't a family hand-me-down (as some of my jumpers belonged to my Mum) then they are going to the charity shop.

. make these Cinnamon whirls which look yummy and scrumptious and which I have been meaning to make them for weeks.

.visit the Tower of London with my W.I group and attend the 700 year old Ceremony of the Keys which is a ritual locking up of the crown jewels. Which will then be followed by a traditional English fish and chip supper in the pub inside the Tower which is usually only frequented by the Beefeaters.

.meet a blogging friend for tea and cakes after work (hers, not mine). And possibly meet a new blogging friend too. I love meeting my blogging friends in real life!

.have a girlie Saturday with my girlfriends which I hope will involve watching Strictly Come Dancing of which I will admit to being a bit of a fan... Whilst I don't like the overly showy format or Bruce, or even costumes (and particularly not the spray tans), I do love the dancing and "the journey" (even if it is a naff phrase) that each of the dancers experience. Although I did find it odd this year that I knew/recognised the professional dancers more than the so called 'celebrities'. (Except for Natalie from Eastenders. Despite never watching Eastenders I did somehow know who she was. All that magazine reading I used to do when I had a secretary clearly paid off). I hope we shall have a cliched day of laziness, pampering, nice food and trashy television.

.catch up on my winter handwashing. I admit it. I am terrible. I tend to have a clear up at the end of the summer/winter and throw everything into the spare linen basket where it remains until the seasons change and I have a need for, in this case, jumpers and scarves and mittens. So I shall use the opportunity to hang jumpers all over the flat whilst Husband is away. I might even wash one or two of his handwash only jumpers too.

{Photo by Peonies and Polaroids (who else!)}

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