Thursday, 8 October 2009


I am around, things are just mental. I will be posting about all the things I said I would but, as I said to my friend yesterday, things have been so busy that I had to go and buy clean pants. So that's pretty busy!

But tonight we go to watch the Pixies. I cannot wait. Seriously, I love the Pixies. And guess what, Art Brut are supporting. Art Brut are friends of some good friends of ours from university (the chap who introduced Husband and I, actually). I love it when the support band turns out to be someone you actually want to go and see. Art Brut are actually worth a gig in themselves. And they are only the support.

Many years ago, we went to the Fortress in Old Street for Husband's brother's birthday. It was already a great night but then we went downstairs to the basement and discovered that Queen Adreena, another of my favourite bands, and the first gig I ever did go and see aged 17 (I came to my music late...) was just coming onto the stage. It was awesome.

The Pixies are playing at Brixton Academy: I have been there to see Tool, Machine Head and Bob Dylan, amongst others. It is a fantastic venue and I am listening to Spotify in anticipation of tonight's gig. I am actually excited!