Saturday, 31 December 2011

11 in 2011: Looking back

At the start of 2011, Husband and I sat down and came up with a list of 11 aims for 2011. Turns out getting pregnant in July didn't help us with achieving all that was on our list. However, getting pregnant has been on our list since way before 2011 started, just not publicly, so regardless, we are thrilled.

waste less food

A definite success. We planned better, used leftovers more often and generally took more care with food.

install and use a compost bin

Yes. Albeit it's the one that the council provided so happily they come and take it away every week, which makes it an easier proposition. 

finally finish de-cluttering

We've made a lot of progress with this but I wouldn't say we've "finally finished". Something to complete before Pip comes along. 

only beautiful things

Definitely. Especially Delilah. 

see our friends (in London) at least once a month

We were doing pretty well at this until July, whereon I just wanted to hibernate. Something to improve on next year for sure.

go skiing

We abandoned in favour of a trip to Paris. Which was amazing. 

go to Noma

No. Although, the trip was planned, it just had to be abandoned. 

eat lunch at the Ledbury together

Planned but traded in favour of shopping!

stop buying bread and take-away lunches

Sporadic success. Definitely room for improvement.  

go to more gigs - locate local music scene

Husband has been fairly successful. I have been less able being away from London mid week. 

read, finish and discuss at least one "proper" book every month

Hhhmm. I've read more but not sure they are what I meant by "proper" books.


Coming next, looking back over 2011 and then 12 for 2012.

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