Friday, 4 September 2009

Back soon

We are off to our fourth wedding of the summer tomorrow. I expect it to be along the same lines as ours, only bigger & grander. I bought a new dress from COS, so I can wear my wedding shoes.

I looked through our wedding photos again today. It suddenly struck me that in every single photo, people are smiling. In all the photos of people at each table, talking, dancing, eating and drinking, people are smiling. I hope tomorrow's wedding is just the same. They are old university friends of both Husband and I. (We might be a little early though, I just checked our rail reservations and realised I chose the wrong radio button and we are booked on an 8 o'clock train when we don't need to be there until 4pm! agh, lesson learnt, don't book tickets hungover)

And because I've been really bad at wedding recaps recently, here's a photo from the reception with the cake cutting. The tartan is that of my new surname and the silk scarf I am wearing as a sash was a present from my new parents-in-law which was waiting for me on the table when we sat down to eat. The cheeses which make up the cake are all local & the cake toppers were my attempt at birds...

cake cutting

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Marie said...

Hope the wedding was good. I love the tartan, and the sash was such a lovely touch from your in laws. Plus the birds are awesome, do we get a close up? x