Thursday, 17 September 2009

Things I would like*

*the first in a very long list.


CaraBella said...

(1) love this
(2) the comment you left *cracked* me up -- what a marriage course, if it had taught the latter, yes :D? and
(3) (bc I am too lazy to comment on other post too :D) -- cupcakes are out? boo! i so follow the blog Cupcakes Take the Cake -- I still think they're in :D Dunno about for weddings, true, but overall, mmmm cupcake love.

Rachel said...


I think a marriage course which advocated drunken sex would be most enlightening!

As with anything, if I like I don't care if is over or not. I just laughed that the Times took until now to pick up on a trend.

life according to celia... said...

god! this bag is fantastic!!

jeniferf said...

I WANT this bag! So excellent!