Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I finally heard about that job. Or rather, I didn't hear about the job but I did hear that the vacancy is no longer. Either way, still no employment but we don't have to leave London.

This month marks my 4th month with no job. No routine. No desk. No salary. Some friends say unemployment suits me. To them I reply: Married life suits me. Worrying about how to pay bills whilst surviving on one salary doesn't.

I could write a book about my summer of rejections. Of applications and interviews and waiting for weeks for an answer. Trouble is, it's not unique. Not original. Too many people in my position. That's the problem.


The wedding at the weekend was beautiful. Not so much in the details but in the scale of the event. I exchanged cards with the photographer who is London based, so hopefully more to come from her on here soon...


Peonies and Polaroids said...

Oh Rachel dear, know that unemployment is temporary and that one day you will have not only a salary but a desk and a schedule and commitments and obligations and on that day you might just yearn for your days of unemployment, just for a moment.

Also know that I was unemployed for a very long time and it sucked and I know how stressful it is trying to survive on one very very very small income. But some days I still yearn for the times that I could go to an art gallery in the middle of the day then sit in the park reading in the afternoon. Just occasionally.

Marie said...

And I'm interested to know about this photographer... What a tease!

Rachel said...

@Peonies - thank you. I know, there are many many good things about having no job!

@Marie - :)