Sunday, 27 September 2009

Things I would like*

Has anyone else bought tights at The Gap? I bought two pairs yesterday (taking advantage of their 30% off discount voucher) to try them out and was rather pleasantly surprised.

They are very comfy, don't fall down and the ones I have on today are the most beautifully perfect shade of teal. Not too dark or bright or lurid. Just lovely with a black dress.

I shall be going back next week to try the black and plum spotty pair that I didn't dare buy yesterday in case they were crap and I couldn't wear them.

{still working on a hundred things so will be back as soon as possible with the posts I mentioned on Wednesday. the interview went though, so thank you for your positive thoughts and messages}


east side bride said...

it is basically NEVER tights weather in LA. I have mixed feelings about this.

Marie said...

Now I need to go look in Gap for some tights. But I never wear anything other than black. I think I need to expand my repertoire... M x

Rachel said...

East Side, that makes me sad. I can't imagine not being able to cosy up in tights in the autumn. Yet, being able to wear bare legs and all the outfits that go with bare legs. Hell yes, I might go for that!

Marie - I would recommend them. But what I thought were black and plum were in fact brown and plum. I'm up for expanding my colour palette but somehow brown tights just remind me of Brownies.

Suzie (Echo) said...

That's odd - I'm wearing teal tights today. Not bought from gap - merely from peacocks - and they're really good quality too - for £3 one can't complain...!
They also have lace-look bright royal ones. I got lots of comments about them at school last week.