Thursday, 17 September 2009

As usual, The The Times reports on trends when they are almost over pt 1

Today they report the trend for cupcakes, just as other bloggers are proclaiming them over (or at least, the trend has been around for a. long. time)*.

I for one still enjoy an occasional cupcake as a treat for afternoon tea (and my sporadic posting about Primrose Bakery certainly bears testament to that). Yet recently a vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing just hasn't been doing anything for me. At home, for birthdays and parties, I have moved onto mocha cupcakes with coffee icing which, in my opinion, have a nicer texture and more interesting taste. And, as afternoon tea treats I am currently more interested in biscuits or a slice of cake, or, if at home, a hot buttered crumpet or two.

*I didn't say they were over, btw, just that other bloggers were starting to. They certainly have become ubiquitous. But, as my lovely friend Cara says, "bad cupcakes are over. The real thing? A classic. I feel it's like saying 'Audrey Hepburn is so over' just because her pic is everywhere. A classic is never over, you just have to wait for the fickle to give up on it again". Agreed.

Plus a customer just bought me a cupcake to say thank you for helping him pick a vintage dress for his actress girlfriend. And who can say to a gesture like that, thanks, but cupcakes are over?!


Marie said...

I love crumpets. And tea cakes. Or scones with clotted cream and jam. Yummy! I had a hummingbird bakery cupcake the other day. Far too sweet, far too sickly. I shall stick to the Primrose Bakery for sure :)

Em said...

Mmm, I love cakes of all sorts. But really was not impressed by the Primrose Bakery, much to my disappointment! Just as well that I live on the other side of town then!

chicncheap said...

Wow, the mocha cupcakes - have to try them now. That is a funny article - cupcakes have been popular for years now! In NYC before I left, there was a cupcake truck though (would pop up in different spots) and that seemed to still be popular.

Rachel said...

@Marie, @Ems: I think it all depends on the kind of cake you like and then what you buy. I've had good and bad cakes at both Primrose Bakery & Hummingbird.

@Chicncheap - you have to try mocha cupcakes. I will post the recipe later on. They are scrummy. I made them for a birthday party last night and every single guest ate one and loved it!

The Times often seem to do this, report something that has been around for ages as some kind of amazing new trend that they are first to write about.