Monday, 6 April 2009

The Flowers (part two)

{Image Credits: 1 - Michael Carr Photography; 2 -Vogueflowers;
3 - Generation Photo; 4 -Ribbon Studio}

The peonies are now an inch tall. I know because the man at the farm e-mailed to tell me. That's not a service you get from a florist. (actually, you might, as I wouldn't know. I've never ordered flowers from a florist before. But I suspect that this is not a service that they offer).

The florist tape arrived on Saturday. Two rolls; one for me to make the bouquets, one for M's Mum when she does the buttonholes. How's that for organisation? (sick leave gives you plenty of time to think, not always recommended).

These images here are the best I can find to help me make the bouquets. I can tell that I want to make sure that most of the peonies are open as I think they look a little better that way than the tightly closed buds in image 2 and 4.

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Marie said...

They look amazing. And I love that your farmer has been in touch, that is awesome. I wish I had thought about doing things like that...

Rosalie said...

I love peonies, they'll be beautiful, what flower farm are you using? would love to know, need to sort out where to get my roses from.

Rachel said...

Thanks Marie. But your flowers were gorgeous anyway, farm bought or not.

@Rosalie - the farm we are using just sells peonies. The Real Flower Company sells farm grown roses and they are beautiful. Am thinking of ordering our rose petal confetti from there.

Marie-Ève said...

I love them. I've never tried it, but I heard you can make closed peony buds to open by soaking them in warm-ish water for a few hours.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I can smell them from here, they're so beautiful! I love them open too. Peonies open pretty quickly if they're not kept cold and they stay fresh for quite a while once they're fully open so you should be fine.

Oh I love them!