Sunday, 19 April 2009

My Boy Writes: The Suit

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Suits Collage
{Images top left: Liberty; top left middle: R. Soles; top right: Robyn Kessler;
Bottom left: Mick Jagger (Image by Getty, via Glamour);
bottom middle: Michael Caine (Image by mptvimages, via IMDB);
bottom right: Wayne Coyne (Image via Bona Fide Darling)}
"The aesthetic of our wedding is of primary importance to us. The feel we
are looking for is that of an English summer party with lounge suits and flowing
dresses. It will be relaxed and free-form and guests will be encouraged to wear
clothes they feel comfortable in although I think Rachel is keen for there to be
plenty of hats.

This is unashamedly based on what we enjoy wearing and allows me to not
wear a tie and try to look as much like Wayne Coyne (of Flaming Lips fame) as
possible. So… my suit will be black, 3 piece, really quite tight and the jacket
will be shortish and 3 buttoned in a roughly late 60’s style. Other inspirations
include 60’s and 70’s rockers (Mick Jagger especially) and of course Michael
Caine. On my feet will be brown boots in some sort of cowboy style and my shirt
will be bright and on theme (maybe peacock blue).

Both mine and Rachel’s outfits are recycled in some way, hers from
Oxfam and mine is a suit that used to belong to my uncle (in the 70’s). He wore
it to my brother’s christening according it even more significance. I think a
new pair of shoes are in order, perhaps from R

It’s really nice to indulge one’s vanity occasionally and pleasingly in
this case everybody seems to think that it is an entirely reasonable way to be. "

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