Thursday, 2 April 2009

No-one will notice...

Call me ignorant, call me English, but I don't know what WIC stands for. It is mentioned frequently in a disparaging way so I know that *it is bad* but I don't know exactly what it means. Every time I read the term, I think of Wicca, the witches of the wedding world. Wedding Industry Crones perhaps. Commercial witches who tell brides that 'you only get one wedding' so you'd better get it right. This isn't just *a* party, it is *the* party against which you will always be judged. Forget what you want, this is about what you *should* want.

Thank goodness for blogging then. For intelligent, well articulated girls from all countries and demographics and cultures, united by one thought: bride doesn't equal sheep. Or that is my thought. Others put it a little differently.

Cate says of venues "you're having a party there, not buying the place".

says (and we have argued fiercely about the ins and outs of some things, but she is still fab) "that we're people, not just brides". She says a lot more too, but I don't want to paraphrase her too much here...

Peonies says "it's not about the details", which takes a lot to remember sometimes.

{And there is many more besides, those are just the quotes I could remember off-hand}

These are the things which are keeping me sane when the following takes place.

The Scene: 12.30am Peacockfeathers and M lay in bed. M reads. Peacockfeathers is lying there with her sleep mask on and a lavender bag handy, waiting for M to finish reading and to put the blxxdy light out.

P: So you sent the ribbon order off then baby?

M: Hmmm. Yes.

P: And you took a photocopy of the order form?

M: Hmmm. No.

P: Ok. {what, but I asked him to...} Let's hope they send the right thing.

M: I should think they will. We'll sort it out if they don't.

P: Ok. Did you order 4mm ribbon. Do you think 4mm ribbon will be ok? Do you think it will work with the size of tag we ordered. Do you think we should have gone with narrower ribbon?

M: Rachel. The ribbon will be fine. Go to sleep. Let me read. No wonder it takes me weeks to read anything. Be quiet. No-one will notice.


And he is right. It is something I have said many times before. No-one will notice. And if they do, who is going to mention it on the day?

So, brides aren't sheep. And no-one will notice.

I think I need to get better and stop thinking so much.


Marie said...

I love the, no wonder it takes me weeks to read comment. Brilliant! And yes, no-one will notice, except that you have hand crafted items of beauty. x

Marie-Ève said...

Wedding Industrial Complex. I didn't know it either, I had to ask :-)

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Wedding Industrial Crones is better!

And I can just hear your guests now -

"It was a lovely wedding but she really should have used 3mm ribbon."

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I know ribbons don't matter. But, say, just say I thought they did for a moment, where would you get really nice ones from? Have you seen any that aren't all shiny and synthetic looking? I'm sure you posted about ribbons somewhere, but I cant find it for the life of me...

Rachel said...

Thanks girls!

@Creditcrunchbride - we've ordered the ribbons from an American company. Drop me an e-mail and I will forward you the details.