Tuesday, 21 April 2009

So this is it...

... one more day until I am qualified but unemployed. Depending on how the rest of this week pans out I will either be posting non-stop or I will be not posting, full stop. (Although I will be back soon*).

Until then, I leave you with this image:

{Image from Author's Personal Collection}

Girl shoe meets Boy shoe. Both came to live in our house having started their lives in their respective shoe halls in Selfridges. We bought M's yesterday. Mine we bought the week after we got engaged last summer.

And since I once promised some more shoe shots, but never got round to it:

{Image from Author's personal collection}

* If my irritating computer issues are solved that is.


Anna said...
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Anna said...

I love your shoes but just in case?


Just in case!

Good luck with the job hunt.
Anna x

Kristy said...

I still love your shoes. They are fabulously sassy. I hope I can find some fabulously sassy shoes (preferably in green) before October.

Rachel said...

@Anna: Thanks for the link. I love those shoes (one of my favourite designers and images and would be perfect for the honeymoon) but I promised M no more shoes. So sadly I have to say "thanks but no thanks".

@Kristy: Thank you! I will keep an eye out for fab green shoes for you.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

oooh, me likey! I love M's, I have a weakness for men's shoes!

Miss Rye Bread said...

Your shoes are so cute!
We're still trying to figure out what the groomie should wear for shoes...