Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Groom: Suit and Boots (Part II)

We have been back and forth about My Boy's suit for the wedding but we may have found the answer last weekend. I know I said here that we thought perhaps not black but...

The suit in question is a bespoke suit that used to belong to M's uncle, which the uncle in question wore once only - to M's brother's christening. It is a black, 3 button, 3 piece which has slight 1970s shaping (the most obvious being the slight boot cut to the trousers) and with a little tweaking here and there {how fortunate we are that M's brother's wife is a fashion designer who understands tailoring} it should fit M perfectly.

So not exactly what we were initially thinking but vintage, recycled and with a bit of family history too.
Thankfully it's lapels are not quite as wide as this:
Mick Jagger

{Image by Getty, via Glamour}

Indeed, it looks perhaps a little more like this. Which is quite funny since Wayne Coyne is M's style icon for his wedding attire.

Wayne Coyne

{Image via Bona Fide Darling}

And while we had been thinking that a white shirt would go well under a blue suit, a white shirt under a black suit looks like funeral attire.

{Image by Liberty}

And then all we need to do is find him some boots to wear with it...


Marie-Ève said...

That is STYLE, like only British men can pull off! M will certainly look really good.

Cate Subrosa said...

Oh yeah, he's going to look fantastic. I can't wait to see photos! (You are gonna share photos, right?)

Rachel said...

@M-E: I hope so! He certainly looks good in those Liberty shirts and the suit looked good if you ignored the fact that at the time being he can't quite get the trousers done up!

@Cate: I might share one or two!

CeeCee said...

I love Wayne!! Such a lovely bloke - he lent my friend a whole load of stuff (including 7 disco balls!) for her "Past your Prime Prom" birthday party. He didn't actually know her but she knows his tattooist and one of his roadies and 'hazzah' all this stuff appeared which helped turn an empty space into party heaven! Stylish and lovely - what a man, M clearly has good taste!!

Kristy said...

I heart Wayne Coyne. M will look awesome.

DJ wants to find a grey suit and get new boots, but I'm so picky about the boots that we don't ever find anything I like enough when we look for some. Unless I see boots that look just like the ones he already owns or that cost $500-$600...oops.

tpancio said...

I have an embarrassing admission to make- I have been secretly stalking your blog for a while because we too are planning a peacock themed wedding in June (all the way across the world in Oregon).

I thought I better fess up to it because at first I was just excited to see another bride with peacocks on the brain but now there are just so many similarities: Peonies. 3 piece suits (though I swear we thought of that first!). birdcage veils. CHEESE wedding cakes! It's like you are my wedding doppelganger.

I am in awe (and we've taken to just checking your blog to see what new great ideas we can rip off, so I thought I'd better fess up).

In any case, tremendous congratulations on your impending happiness, I am so jealous that you get to do yours in England (I loved being over there back in the day) and I sheepishly invite you to check out our wedding blog on the off chance that something we've uncovered might be of some use to you. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration! Here's our blog:

Diamond Engagement Rings said...

I like his style and his dressing!!!