Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Things I did this weekend...

...while M was at his stag party.

  • Did 4 loads of washing and dried them on the line outside in the sunshine
  • Baked the worst birthday cake I have ever seen
  • Sat in a deckchair and managed to get ugly strap lines from a halter necked top whilst enjoying the gorgeous spring sunshine in the company of a family of blue-tits.
  • Hosted a birthday/qualification party including supper, champagne and cake.
  • Made it safely back to the parental abode despite hangover.
  • Spent £5 at the Christian Aid Spring Fete, buying 4 vintage brooches {3 for presents}, a vintage ring, 8 glass tea cups, 3 dvds and a cookery book for M.
  • Spent £5 in a charity shop on a fab vintage 80s dress complete with shoulder pads...
  • Drank 2 cups of tea in the sunshine with an old friend from gymnastics and her husband
  • Sat in another pub with an old school friend, again in the sunshine, this time on a river bank.
  • Spent the evening with my Mother discussing wedding things and then looking through old family albums with my sister choosing photographs for the wedding.
  • Went to church with Mum.
  • Went through timings for the wedding for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Counted plates. Discussed Mother-of-the-Bride's outfit. Exhausted all energy left in relation to wedding planning.
  • Went to tea in the countryside at my Grandparents house and greedily ate 2 scones and 2 pieces of delicious cake.
  • Started making bunting for the wedding.
  • Chatted with my old form teacher at school during her lunchtime, realising that it is 10 years ago this summer that I went to her wedding. She also was 27. Caught up with all the old news and school gossip.
  • Went to my old work, the first firm of solicitors where I worked as a paralegal during university vacations.
  • Train back to London and disastrous taxi journey to collect wedding dress. Only dress wasn't ready, doesn't fit and needs more altering. Began to hate dress.
  • Got home, cooked supper, realised no milk. Couldn't be bothered to go and buy milk. Slept.
  • Bought milk. Realised still have no job and that sitting around blogging is not going to help the situation. Blogged regardless.
  • Decided had better sort out house first. And then bunting. All household tasks to be finished today. Job hunting starts in earnest tomorrow.


Marie-Ève said...

Hope you and the dress will work things out...

Marie said...

Oh no about the dress! Hope it can all get sorted. And it sounds lovely to have done all that catching up with lots of old friends. Hope you're well. x

un-bride said...

You've made me crave a cup of tea.