Thursday, 21 May 2009

Head Bands

head piece

{All photos from Author's personal collection}

Please excuse my bare face, dirty hair and distinct presence of clutter in my sitting room.

I have been creating headbands today. Above is my effort for the reception. I think I might add a peacock feather to fit in with the theme and make it look like the blue headband was a choice rather than simply one I had lying around.

The one below is for my 1920s themed hen party. It is only pinned at the moment so it might look a bit better when it is sewn together. Not quite sure that the ostrich feathers are what they would have used in the 20s but this excerise was all about recycling things from my sewing box rather than buying the perfect accessories. Teamed with pearls, clean hair, make-up and my vintage dress {which is more green than those photos suggest} I think it will look alright.

Hen Party Head Band


anna said...

Love love the birdcage veil. So glam. Your hen will be fabulous!

Kristy said...

Ditto Anna. And if you don't end up adding a peacock feather and want to hide the blue headband, you could probably cover it in white fabric.

Also - loving the flapper-style headband for your hen do. It's given me an idea for what my sister could wear in my wedding.

Jenifer said...

LOVE the first one.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

They look amazing, especially the birdcage.

Have you seen this?

Rachel said...

Thanks girlies!

@Peonies - that truly is a fantastic dress!

Bells said...

Gosh you're clever - that birdcage veil looks so perfect and the blue band will go with your sash won't it?

Marie said...

To further the already very true comments, incredibly impressed with the head dresses, they look fab! Might have to enlist your help to make one for the next wedding I attend :)

Jenifer said...

where did you get the netting? I am thinking I might be making my own veil - but I wasn't sure where to get that sort of stuff in London.

NoSlippy said...

All I can say is WOW! You look beautiful wearing those headbands. I like it!

Rachel said...

@Bells - the band will go with the sash and the shoes so I think I will leave it blue.

@Marie - deal!

@Jenifer - macculloch and wallis which is on Dering St, just off Oxford Street. If you look on the left hand side of the blog there is a link under wedding vendors.