Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Project 'Bunt' & Job Centres

'Project Bunt' I

{Image from Author's personal collection}

So here is 'project bunt' as it became known in all it's full and final glory despite the bad photo.

Other diy projects were relegated to the back burner this morning: I had to make a short trip to the job centre.

I do not like job centres. They are patronising. It is humiliating. You feel a failure {even though you know you're not}. You get sent on compulsory CV enhancement courses for professionals. You must sign on at 12.16 precisely otherwise your payment might be delayed {although you might not get anything at all, because you have a partner, and the application has to go to Glasgow, and if your temp job pays more than an average of £60 a week over 5 weeks, well, they reckon that's full time work, so you don't get any money at all} Still, an enlightening experience.


Anyone want any wedding planning doing instead? My rates are really reasonable... or some advertising. Those are even more reasonable. E-mail me if you're interested.

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pierre l said...

I wish you a permanent job very soon, Rachel.